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The Schacht-Reeves wheel is available in 30″ models, as a double- or single-treadle wheel, in ash or cherry, with flyer on the left or the right.


Our Saxony-style wheel combines an enduring sense of history with state-of-the-art woodworking techniques. Designed in conjunction with Rick and Marge Reeves, the Schacht-Reeves wheel carries on the tradition of their famous spinning wheels.


The Schacht-Reeves wheel is available in 30″ models, as a double- or single-treadle wheel, in ash or cherry. Order your wheel with flyer on the left or right.

Each wheel comes with 3 bobbins, 2 whorls, a Schacht-Reeves kate, and a Schacht-Reeves threading hook. See the Specs tab for spinning ratios.

A note on bobbins: The Schacht-Reeves flyer shaft is 5/16″ in diameter versus the original Reeves 1/4″ diameter. This means that the current Schacht bobbins can’t be used on Reeves-made wheels. Replacement wooden bobbins for older Reeves spinning wheels can be ordered from Hill Creek Fiber Studio, (800) 874-9328.



Standard Accessories 3 bobbins, lazy kate, threading hook
Bobbin Length, Inside Dimension 3.375″; bobbin core radius .4375″
Bobbin Capacity 3–3.5oz
Flyer Width Between Arms 4″
Flyer Width Between Arms 4″
Type of Bearings/Bushings Drive wheel–ball bearings; flyer–leather and bronze; bobbins–delrin
Drive Band Cotton
Ratios 24″–12:1 to 19:1; 30″–14.5:1 to 24:1
Weight 28lbs
Shipping Weight box 1 23lbs 21x18x25″; box 2:24lbs 33x33x14″
Length 42″
Height 38″
Width/Depth 20″
Orifice Height 26″
Orifice Size .375″
Bobbin Length 4.5″
14.5:1/18:1 medium whorl, included with wheel
20:1/24:1 fast whorl, included with wheel
9.5:1/12:1 slow whorl, optional
27.5:1/30.5:1 high speed whorl, optional
34:1/38.5:1 super high speed whorl, optional

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