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Kumihimo Kalendar – January thru March

CLASSES For new & experienced braiders!
Each class offers the student 3 learning options:
 8-strand 2-color spiral braid
 12-strand 3-color raised spiral braid
 8-, 12-, or 16-strand holiday, seasonal, or alternative materials/techniques braid
Each class provides the student:
 Materials to complete a bracelet or necklace (braiding disk & bobbins available for use during the class or brought to class)
 Project-specific braiding instructions sheet
 First-time students also receive a flash drive with over 1,000 pages of instructions, designs, how-to’s, and resource links


A free event where braiders and those who a curious about Kumihimo braiding, to gather and socialize, braid, talk about braiding patterns, ask questions, exchange information on resources and events, & help each other resolve problems.


Class Date Class & Special Project Comments
January 27 Braid-along Class available on request.

February 11 Class – Special Project: St.
Patrick’s Day

Shamrocks! Irish green on white. 3 shamrock braid variations: 12-, 16-, and 32-strands!

February 25

Braid-along -Class available on request.

March 10 Class – Special Project: Leather braid

Don’t just braid with fibers, try a bracelet
made with leather strands.

March 24 Braid-along Class available on request.

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