Nature Spun


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With more than eighty vibrant colors spun in four different weights, the possibilities are unlimited for creating something beautiful with Nature Spun.  This well-known line of yarn is spun with 100% U.S. wool in 3 plies.  The wide array of colors from soft naturals to bold bright hues are each made in fingering, sport, worsted, and chunky weights.  The 3-ply construction of Nature Spun gives it spring, smoothness and strength, making it a perfect choice for knitting or crocheting garments and accessories. Nature Spun is an excellent choice for weaving as well; weavers love our one-pound cones of fingering and sport weight yarn.   Enjoy all the wonderful properties of natural wool: breathability, resilience, vibrancy, and warmth.

Worsted weight

Hand wash; lay flat to dry.

Recommended Gauge:
– Knitting Needle Size No. 7
– 5 stitches per inch
– Crochet hook size G


Sport weight

Hand wash; lay flat to dry.

Recommended Gauge:
– Knitting Needle Size No. 5
– 6 stitches per inch
– Crochet hook size F


Fingering weight

Hand wash; lay flat to dry.

Recommended Gauge:
– Knitting Needle Size No. 3
– 7 stitches per inch
– Crochet hook size D

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Fingering Weight, Sport Weight, Worsted Weight


101 Burnt Sienna, 103 Deep Sea, 104 Grecian Olive, 105 Bougainvillea, 108 Cherry Delight, 109 Spring Green, 110 Blueberry, 112 Elf Green, 115 Bit of Blue, 116 Blue Boy, 117 Winter Blue, 119 Bulldog Blue, 120 Cresting Wave, 123 Saddle tan, 125 Goldenrod, 127 Silver Charm, 133 Blue Fog, 135 Hurricane seas, 136 Chocolate Kisses, 137 Cobalt Blue, 138 Mulberry Jam, 141 Red Raspberry, 142 Spiced Plum, 144 Limestone, 145 Salmon, 146 Pomegranate, 147 True Blue Navy, 148 Autumn Leaves, 149 Olive Sprig, 153 Speckeled Robins Egg, 156 Irish Shamrock, 157 Boysenberry, 158 Fanciful Blue, 205 Regal Purple, 207 Alpine Violet, 209 Wood Moss, 225 Brick Red, 302 Harvest Wheat, 304 Golden Honey, 305 Impasse Yellow, 308 Sunburst Gold, 403 Tropical Surf, 406 Juicy Plum, 409 Nectarine, 502 Magenta, 505 Blue Marina, 508 Jadeite, 601 Pepper, 701 Stone, 720 Ash, 730 Natural, 740 Snow, 750 Toffee Bar, 800 Black Oak, 880 Charcoal, N03 Grey heather, N17 French Clay, N20 Artic Moss, N21 Mallard, N24 Evergreen, N25 Enchanted Forest, N30 Nordic Blue, N36 China Blue, N46 Red Fox, N48 Scarlet, N54 Orange You Glad, N56 Meadow Green, N59 Butterfly Blue, N60 Purple Splendor, N62 Amethyst, N78 Turquoise Wonder, N85 Peruvian Pink, N87 Victorian Pink, N89 Roasted Coffee, N91 Aran, N93 Latte, N94 Bev's Bear, Storm